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Canada Home Heating and Cooling has devoted to supply all your Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems needs throughout the GTA and surrounding areas, we intend to help homeowners stay comfortable all season. We service, install, maintain and repair. We have expert sales representative, licensed technicians, experienced installers, and professional customer services all intend to serve you, and find the best solution for your home.

Why upgrade HVAC system?

Upgrading your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with Canada Home Heating and Cooling can improve the energy efficiency, fire safety, and the acoustic performance of a building. By upgrading your HVAC system, you can rest assured knowing they are working correctly.

Why Chose Canada Home Solution?

By using Canada Home Heating and Cooling to install your HVAC systems
you benefit from:

  • The best rebates up to $5000 available to the homeowners, call us to find out more
  • Receiving the best professional advice in terms of choosing your next unit or making the right decision
  • Various financial options available to homeowners. Get a brand-new furnace installed today starting from $0 down
  • With our professional team, we are here to help homeowners at a time. We will make sure all our clients receive the best
  • Contact us for a quick chat, we are here to help! 

    What We Offer?


    One of the main advantages for upgrading to a high efficiency furnace will produce more equivalent heat throughout your home. High efficiency furnaces are made to operate much more efficiently in comparison with Mid-Efficiency furnaces. With available rebates now, why wait? Start saving today and upgrade your system. Air quality is one of the main concerns for homeowners today. Start by asking us how you could improve the quality of your indoor air. Your HVAC system plays a big role in terms of getting rid of the bacteria in the air that you may not know exists inside your home.

    It is very important you choose the right unit for your home. Branding is one factor, but sizing is more important. Finding the right size furnace for your home is critical. Talk to one of our professionals today and we will guide you to choosing your next furnace. 


    There are several ways you could keep your home's temperature cool during the hot summer days. Most popular is Central Air Conditioning. With a central air system readily available to you, why go through the hassle of putting in a window unit or setting up a fan in each room. With central air conditioning you can control the dehumidification level accordingly with the current temperature and humidity level. Most importantly with central air you will increase the air quality of the home. We bring in more debris than you could imagine from the outside. With central air systems and having the right air cleaner you will eliminate a lot of the unwanted debris brought from the outside.  Improve the comfort of your home today. Call us for professional advice. We are here to help!


    Nowadays, tankless is much popular than the traditional water tank among households. It’s the time for replacing a new water heater but you haven’t decided yet which one to get? The both equipment have advantages, it all depends on you.

    ♢ Tankless 

    Tankless is known for its small size and more importantly, it only uses energy when you turn it on, which means that you don’t need to pay for restoring a tank of water whenever you are out for vacations or during sleep, you only pay when the water is flowing. Compare to water tank, tankless do cost more for the equipment and installation, however, it will save your total energy cost after all.

    ❖ There are the advantages:
    1. Save your space and money. As mentioned above, a tankless is very small, and it mount on the wall, which help you save more space at basement for other use. Also, it will save your total energy cost as it only uses energy when you turn it on.
    2. Endless hot water. If you turn it on, you get hot water for hours. Don’t need to worry about run out of hot water anymore.
    3. Government rebate. You will get government rebate if installing a tankless for you. Not only for yourself, for the whole eco-friendly environment, government encourages households replacing water tank to tankless for energy saving purpose.
    4. Long lifespan. A tankless could be used up to 20 years under properly maintenance, almost double time of a water tank.

    ♢ Water Tank 

    Water tank has a big tank put on your ground to storage enough hot water for ensuring your next usage.  It works frequently than a tankless, if you use hot water or the water inside is not hot enough.  Despite that, the cost of equipment and installation fee are cheaper than tankless. And you may continue to use a water tank since you already set up the pipe system.

    ❖ There are the advantages:
    1. Cheaper. A water tank is probably better for you if your budget is small.
    2. Saved enough hot water before you use. This is a good choice if only few people lived at the house.
    3. Less maintenance. Since the operating system of a water tank is simpler than tankless, so less maintenance needed.