Home Efficiency Rebate

What is the Home Efficiency Rebate?

Starting from May 1, 2019, a new rebate program has been introduced by Enbridge Gas and participating parties for homeowners across Ontario with up to $5,000 incentives in home reno items.

The new rebate program is called the Enbridge smartsavings Rebate. You can receive rebates for upgrading your home including insulation, furnace and boiler, airtightness, windows, doors, skylights, etc. With a focus on home energy efficiency, these rebates give you an immediate payback, and lower hydro bills. To be eligible for this initiative, you must be a Union Gas or an Enbridge Gas customer.

This Program is delivered by Enbridge Gas Distribution in partnership with the Government of Ontario. If you’re a qualified homeowner, you can take advantage of these valuable incentives for participating in the Program. Together, we’re helping the homeowners save energy costs!

Limited time offer packages

Bonus rebate packages
Option 1 Option 2
Complete the following upgrades to receive a total rebate of 1,400 Complete the following upgrades to receive a total rebate of 2,150
  • Attic insulation
  • Attic insulation
  • Air Sealing
  • Air Sealing
  • Furnace Upgrade
  • How to access the rebate

    Step 1 Contact us to see if you are qualified

    We connect you with government certified energy auditors and help you choose at least two applicable home improvements

    Step 2 upgrade the attic insulation

    We provide right materials and professional service to top up your attic insulation with full warranty

    Step 3 Get the rebate

    We work with energy auditors to expedite your rebate applications so you could get the cheque fast

    Why do you need attic insulation?

    Adding insulation to your attic will render your home more comfortable and energy efficient. It is much like a blanket for the house, it keeps the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A well-insulated attic can reduce the heat loss up to 80% , which can  save up to over $450 per year of your energy bill.

    5 Main reasons for attic insulation:

    Energy saving: Allow the furnace and AC to work more efficiently and save your energy bill

    Home Comfort: Stabilize temperatures throughout the house to provide comfort to everyone

    Health: Cooking, bathing & showering can all produce moisture that builds up in the attic, proper insulation and ventilation can prevent molding and provide better indoor air quality.

    Roof Protection: When the heat escapes through your attic, it can cause snow on the roof to melt, leading to ice dames and excessive condensation. Attic insulation can prevent the big fixing cost

    Environmentally Friendly: Reduce the Carbon footprint, recycle 97% of the energy that would have escaped and reduce 1.6 million tonnes of greenhouse gas

    Attic insulation Services

    The team at Canada home solution has over 10 years of experience in insulating and restoring attics to their original condition. With a keen eye for detail and precision, we ensure that no tables are left upturned.

    At Canada Home Solution, we ensure that your insulation project is completed on time and without leaving any shortcomings. We use premium quality Cellulose and Fiberglass and we offer full warranty on all products and services.

    Air sealing

    Professional Air Sealing Techniques

    An energy-efficient home is one where air movement and air leakage are controlled and minimized. At Canada home Solution, we offer professional air sealing services to block all air movements through your building cavities and crevices. We use advanced air sealing techniques and premium quality materials for all buildings.

    Sealing Air Leaks

    Air that leaks through your windows, doors and any other openings wastes a lot of energy and only increases your utility costs. By getting them sealed, you can improve the overall comfort of your home.
    Canda home solution is the name to remember when it comes to getting all air barriers in your building sealed.

    Insulation Removal

    The existing insulation that may have been improperly placed restricts the efficiency of airflow, and impedes proper ventilation, especially in the attic. This kind of situation can often lead to an invasion of mold and mildew and even bigger problems.

    Our experienced and highly trained crews as well as efficient removal machines can take on challenging insulation removal projects. We can remove blown-in and batt insulation for cellulose and fiberglass, and we offer professional services at affordable prices. But we always do an assessment before we start! Some removal might be unnecessary, and we will make it easy for you with the least encumbrance on your lifestyle.